The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Georgie Henley, Skander Keynes, Will Poulter, Ben Barnes
Directed by Michael Apted
Rating: B

Lucy (Henley) and Edmund (Keynes) are back for another adventure in Narnia, except this time their annoying younger cousin Eustace (Poulter) accidentally joins them. They find themselves aboard the ship The Dawn Treader captained by an old friend, Prince Caspian (Barnes).

Caspian is on a mission to find seven lords that left for the Lone islands. They were exiled by his uncle who took over the throne. When Caspian, Lucy, and Edmund dock on a slave island along the way, a mysterious green mist rises from the sea. It takes prisoner any slaves that were sent out in the water. Together they discover they must find the seven swords the lords had brought with them on their journey. These swords will let them defeat the evil at sea and Narnia can once again remain in peace.

Voyage of the Dawn Treader brings the Narnia adventures back for a third time. Still entertaining and daring, Narnia continues the story of Lucy and Edmund Pevensie. While the two are obviously growing up, their cousin joins them and it is hinted that maybe the story may go on with him. Voyage of the Dawn Treader keeps viewers entertained with some new content. We get to see a different Narnia, this time at sea. The crew faces some stormy weather and an island full of dangerous people. Another island contained treasure while another held invisible monsters. The Dawn Treader voyages to various islands as Caspian tracks down where the lords may have gone.

It was a well-made movie with talking rats and lions that made viewers feel sympathetic for them. The cast did a believable job and Will Poulter who portrayed the cousin Eustace did an excellent job playing an annoying and frustrating boy who got in the way. His character matures throughout the movie and by the end he’s not that little annoying boy anymore. Each character grows a lot in this movie. The main theme seemed to be about accepting yourself for who you are and your differences. Lucy suffers from envy for her older sister’s beauty, while Edmund wishes everyone looked up to him like his accomplished older brother.

The Chronicles of Narnia usually have a hopeful message like the pure of heart conquering the wicked. Aslan, the lion, delivers these messages and upon meeting the children at the conclusion of the film tells them he will always be with them in their own world, but as someone else (hinting it to mean God). The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was entertaining enough for a wide audience that does justice to bringing the story to life.


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