Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Paul Freeman
Directed by Steven Spielberg
Rating: B+

Archaeologist/adventurer Indiana Jones must race against the Nazis to find the Lost Ark before they can bring it to Hitler.

The U.S. government catches word about Indiana Jones (Ford) and his ability to bring back ancient artifacts from his adventures abroad. Jones has brought multiple pieces home to stock a museum. He’s the best candidate who can search for the Ark which is believed to house the broken Ten Commandments. However, a myth surrounds the Ark that death surrounds it whenever someone opens it. As a skeptic, Jones doesn’t believe the myth but he is just as eager as the government to get his hands on it.

For an old movie before CGI became a thing, Raiders of the Lost Ark is pretty exciting and fun to watch. Indiana Jones isn’t afraid of most things and he finds clever ways to escape when in peril. He even keeps a cool head when facing his worst nightmare when trapped in a tomb. Snakes litter the floor of an Egyptian tomb and if Jones really wants to get what he’s been searching for, he’ll have to find a way around them.

The bad guys have been clearly established, but what creates tension in the movie is the race between Jones’ rival. A French archaeologist has been hired by the Nazis to get to the Ark first and lately, he’s been succeeding in taking trophies from Jones’ hard work. Jones has to constantly remain a step ahead.

When the anticipated moment of the movie arrives, the Ark proves not to be disappointing. There’s enough action and adventure throughout the movie to keep viewers entertained. The story isn’t hard to follow either. Indiana Jones is a good guy to root for. He kicks butt and finds treasures which is a pretty cool job to have on the side of teaching. Raiders of the Lost Ark is a good start to the Indiana Jones sequels that follow.


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