Ghost in the Shell (2017)

Scarlett Johansson, Pilou Asbaek, Michael Pitt
Directed by Rupert Sanders
Rating: B

A woman is saved from a terrorist attack but only just so: her brain was the only part of her salvageable, and when she wakes up she discovers she is living in a cyborg body commanded by the military.

Christened as “Major” (Johansson), she is the first of her kind, and the title of the movie is a metaphor for how while made of metal parts, Major’s humanity remains in the ‘shell’ of a body. Major struggles to fit in society as everyone else sees her as human and all that is left of her past is a fog.

When Major is on a mission to stop a terrorist from rising to take over cybernetically, she is exposed to a wake-up call that makes her question all that she has been fighting for during the past year.


Ghost in the Shell takes place in the far future and it was a bit frightening to see one possibility of what reality humans could face. It wasn’t clear exactly where this was taking place, but as the movie was based on Japanese manga of the same name, it might be okay to think it’s supposed to be a futuristic Japan. Cities are transformed as light reflects off of holograms every few feet. Giant holographic advertisements are everywhere, even above the city skyline. Humans have gone so far to advance themselves that they have technology inserted into their brain and can transfer data from one person to the other.

Major is one of the most interesting characters because although she can withstand most things humans can’t (surviving bombs, getting riddled with bullets or come out of a fight with barely a scratch), her brain is still human. She can follow orders but she can also break them. She’s not 100% robot and her body can be repaired if damaged.

While there were aspects of the movie that felt a little too drawn out, Ghost in the Shell was a really cool action movie. There are some really cool visuals that take place and everything felt so real.

There have been some complaints about the white-washing of this movie, and you’d think by 2017, audiences would be open to a more diverse cast; even if it didn’t feature a huge celebrity. Johansson worked well in this role and I still enjoyed it very much.

Forget what else you might have heard about this movie and go see it for yourself. It was entertaining for the price of a movie ticket.

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