Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, James Corden, Russel Brand
Directed by Walt Dohrn, Mike Mitchell
Rating: B+

Sometimes being too happy hurts people.

At least, that’s what Branch (Timberlake), the village downer, thinks. For 20 years the trolls have lived happily and peacefully away from the Bergens, a tribe of ugly and mean giants that made a tradition out of eating trolls because it was the one time a year they could feel pure happiness.

Poppy (Kendrick) has been planning the most festive of events to celebrate the 20 years she and her friends were saved by her father, the king. She ignore’s Branch’s warnings about attracting the Bergen’s attentions and comes to regret it when an exiled Bergen captures some of her friends.

Now, Poppy must brave the journey toward the Bergen’s village and find a way to get her friends back before they’re all eaten.


As an obnoxiously happy movie, Trolls is an animated movie with a great soundtrack that adults can enjoy alongside kids. It has a great message about love and friendship, and has some cute moments that would make anyone smile. Hugging hour, anyone?

It’s a lighthearted adventure with some pretty gruesome ideas (eating trolls to experience happiness, for one?) and each scene is as vibrant as the last. At the end of the movie, it makes you think about what true happiness really is all about.

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