The Shawshank Redemption

Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman
Direct by Frank Darabont
Rating: A+

An innocent man is imprisoned for murdering his wife and her lover, and he must learn to live in a new system behind bars.

According to one inmate named Red (Freeman), anyone in the Shawshank Prison will say they’re innocent. Some have a hard time believing Andy (Robbins), an accountant, means it. Andy has a hard time adjusting to prison life, especially when a group of men targets him as their personal punching bag, and worse.

Yet circumstances start to change for Andy when the guards learn of his accounting skills, and over time he befriends a few inmates who have been in the prison a while through decent acts of kindness. Andy helps grow the prison library and soon can ask little favors of the warden. It’s the little things that make his life sentence bearable, but it’s the wrong way to live for an innocent man.

The Shawshank Redemption is one of those movies that grabs your attention from the start and won’t let it go until it’s over. It is a riveting story about an innocent man’s journey through prison, from being bullied to rising to the top of the social status for his accounting skills. There are some hard parts to watch, as it doesn’t water down the truth of what goes on in the institution.

Andy is a bright character who could have easily given up hope for ending up in a rotten situation, but he works through it. Anyone branded with a life imprisonment could have settled for what was given to them, but as Andy says, “Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’” is something to take away from watching this movie.

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