Leap Year

Amy Adams, Matthew Goode, Adam Scott
Directed by Anand Tucker
Rating: B-

Anna Brady (Adams) has been in a relationship for four years and her boyfriend has yet to propose. So when she learns that during a leap year, a woman is allowed to do the proposing, he will just have to accept.

Anna’s boyfriend, Jeremy (Scott), is traveling to Ireland for a cardiology conference and it just so happens to be around February 29. After a brief meet-up with her estranged father who talks about her grandmother who proposed during leap year, Anna books a flight to Ireland to surprise her boyfriend.

Yet, all the signs are pointing that it may not be “meant to be” when severe weather diverts her flight to Wales and she has to hitch a ride on a boat to Dingle, which is on the opposite coast of Ireland than where she wants to be. Soaking wet from a sudden downpour of rain, she finds herself in Declan’s (Goode) restaurant and pub.

Declan is a cynical Irishman who agrees to drive Anna to Dublin for money that can help save his establishment. The two hardly get along with clashing personalities- his, a down-to-earth country guy; hers, as a spoiled city girl. Then an incident occurs with Declan’s car rolled into a pond and the two must go on-foot to Dublin where they bond over their mishaps and slow attraction for each other.

While the Irish scenery is what makes this movie appealing for some (like me), Leap Year is just a typical, cheesy romantic comedy. The idea of proposing to her boyfriend catches Anna on a whim who wants her life to be cookie-cutter perfect. There’s potential to dig deeper into the story by finding out how Anna’a grandmother made a proposal in Ireland, which could have made the theme of a woman proposing during leap year more meaningful.

Instead, her determination to get to her boyfriend on time for February 29 is admirable. She battles severe weather, stubborn Irishmen and Irish superstition, but her intentions are for the wrong reason. When her traveling companion asks about her boyfriend, she can’t give any satisfying reason as to why she wants to marry him other than, “He’s a cardiologist.” It’s clear that it takes a bit of adventure with another man to realize there’s more to life than trying to make it perfect.

While Leap Year is a cute movie that shows off a bit of the Irish ways of life, it’s a little too formulated and therefore, predictable.


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