The Divergent Series: Allegiant- Part 1

Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Naomi Watts, Jeff Daniels
Directed by Robert Schwentke
Rating: B

The factions have been finally broken and now Tris is eager to see what is behind the wall that has guarded her city for years.

Part one of the Allegiant finale picks up right where Insurgent dropped off. The citizens of Chicago head to the gate to see what else is outside their city, but Factionless leader Evelyn (Watts) cuts everyone off and seals the exit. Tris (Woodley) plans an escape with the help of Four (James) and two others. They steal a vehicle and race out of the city while Evelyn’s guards chase them.

What lays outside of Chicago is a whole other group of people who live in a small community not too far away from where Tris comes from. It is revealed to Tris that Chicago is an experiment and everything is carefully watched and recorded. The people she meets are from the Bureau of Genetic Welfare and their goal is to genetically modify the human race to eliminate flaws. The factions were a test to weed out the Divergent’s, whose chances of being genetically “pure” are most likely to come out of this group.

When Tris finds out she is the only pure citizen to come from Chicago, despite Four’s being a Divergent as well, she fights to create an equal society. Meanwhile, Evelyn goes to war against former Amity leader Johanna, who disagrees with the way things are being run. Tris and Four are stuck on opposite ends of how to handle the situation before the people of Chicago turn on each other. Tris tries to recruit the help of the Bureau’s president, only to find he may not be on her side.

Allegiant is certainly a movie to ponder about, at least for those who have read the book. It was a good thing the book wasn’t fresh in my mind, because this movie was almost unrecognizable as being part of the Divergent series. When Tris and her friends enter the Bureau in the book, everything that happens since is completely different in the movie.

While Tris is separated from her friends a majority of the time, we see how the workers in the Bureau are busily working with serums. Tris and her friends don’t know who to trust but they realize they have become a part of a big project that could affect the future of their home.

What the movie has going for it, is at least the alternate plotline is pretty interesting. There’s plenty of action and moments of suspense as Tris and Four get involved with saving Chicago. Allegiant is entertaining enough, and for those who are blissfully ignorant of the book’s story, you will probably like it.


One thought on “The Divergent Series: Allegiant- Part 1

  1. I agree with your last sentence. I’ve read the book, so this movie gave me a lot of mixed emotions! I’m interested to see how they’ll go about the second half. Hopefully it doesn’t follow the trend of the second half sucking worse than the first half (like Breaking Dawn Part 2 and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2).

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