Ryan Reynolds, Ed Skrein, Morena Baccarin
Directed by Tim Miller
Rating: A

Deadpool is exactly the kind of comic book movie we’ve all been waiting for, and if you’ve been following the yearly doses of Marvel movies, you can’t miss this one.

For those familiar with X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool character might be familiar. Though this Deadpool movie is not a continuation of that, it’s kind of like a satire of the Marvel universe.

Wade Wilson (aka Deadpool) was never a normal guy who ended up wearing a mask and fighting bad guys. He was a mercenary and a thug-for-hire for those with someone they wanted taught a lesson. Then boy meets a girl as foulmouthed and dirty as he is and they fall in love.

But love doesn’t always guarantee a happy ending, and Wade discovers he has cancer. A mysterious man in a suit approaches him with an offer to cure him, and voila. Deadpool.

Usually I shy away from vulgar movies because it’s not the type of humor I find funny (of course there are always exceptions) and Deadpool certainly had its fill of crude language. There were so many one-liners it’s hard to remember them all but there were definitely some scenes that had me laughing out loud with the other audience members.

Deadpool is always amused.

Being part of the Marvel universe, there are so many references thrown in, mainly of the X-Men since two, or shall I say three? members make an appearance. Deadpool breaks the fourth wall, and breaks out of the universe when he asks which version of Charles Xavier is currently living (McAvoy or Stewart?).

Despite the movie formula used to make these superhero movies, especially new characters like this one, Deadpool makes you forget about it with his humor. The only complaint is that it’s not long enough, but make sure to stay until the end of the credits!

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