The Revenant

Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleeson
Directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu
Rating: A

Nature may be brutal but it’s nothing compared to a man’s desperation for revenge.

A group of trappers get ambushed by Native Americans during the early colonial period of America. A group of 10 survive out of the 40-something that had been in the camp to start with. A man named Fitzgerald (Hardy) consistently picks a fight with Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) who is the group’s navigator. It becomes no surprise that he wants to ditch the burden of carrying a wounded Glass after a near-fatal incident with a grizzly bear.

With his men on their way to the closest fort, Glass is left for dead. He may be forgiving of the men for going ahead without him, but for the act of unnecessary violence Fitzgerald committed, Glass finds it unforgivable.

With spectacular cinematography, The Revenant is a stunning film where actions speak louder than words. The waxing moon reveals how much time is passing in the movie as Glass staggers towards camp. It’s a quiet movie, where nature is like another character on the cast list. Glass survives a bear attack, and despite his deep wounds suffers through the freezing snow, and even drifting down an icy river.

This movie is really long, and for some moviegoers it may dampen the experience. Yet for others this story of survival and revenge is enough to drive off boredom. There are moments of intensity that make it hard to watch. The violence and gory sequences as a result of that are kept on camera. The director, Iñárritu, does not shy away from the violence as it all plays a part in the story.

From DiCaprio to Hardy to Gleeson, the way these actor’s portray their character’s emotions makes up for the lack of dialogue. They bring their characters to life in a totally honest interpretation of sympathy, vengeance, and greed. Their performance, among the cinematic landscapes of a wild America, make The Revenant the movie to watch of the year.


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