The Quiet Ones

Sam Claflin, Jared Harris, Olivia Cooke, Erin Richards, Rory Fleck-Byrne
Directed by John Pogue
Rating: A

An Oxford professor attempts to cure a troubled girl of an evil within herself by helping her manifest it into a physical form.

Brian (Claflin) is hired as a cameraman to record events during an experiment involving an orphaned girl named Jane (Cooke). He first encounters her locked in an empty room with a blanket around her shoulders. Professor Coupland (Harris) explains that he saved her from an asylum and that she was an orphan who was rejected from multiple homes. Each family abandoned her after an abnormal occurrence, which the professor and his team of two students have witnessed.

Part of this experiment involves keeping Jane awake by blasting music, which often leads to complaints from the neighbors. Professor Coupland is forced to move on to another location in an isolated neighborhood. Brian grows attached to Jane as he sees how helpless she is, and he tries to prevent the professor from pushing her too far in his experiments. It isn’t until they start to make a breakthrough that they discover the horrors from her past and how the supernatural is all too real.

In this documentary-styled horror film, the thrills of suspense slowly build up to a highly terrifying ending. The Quiet Ones teases the audience with bursts of adrenaline-packed scenes as the professor pokes and teases out negative energy from Jane. Brian has trouble understanding what is going on and tries to rationalize what he is seeing, from Jane conjuring burn marks on her hands to heavy thuds from the floors above. All these little moments add to a grand finale of breaking forth a secret locked up in Jane’s subconscious that shouldn’t have been revealed.

There’s a relationship between the characters, as Brian observes during his filming of the experiment. He captures vulnerable moments which show biases and maybe some unethical treatments. He can’t help but get sucked in as he disobeys the rules and interacts with Jane.

This was a fantastic movie based on its suspense, storytelling, and visual elements. The Quiet Ones keeps the viewer intrigued and the ending does not disappoint. It’s also based on true events which are another reason why people would watch because everyone loves to see something scary that “supposedly” happened. The ending has left me truly terrified which is a mark of a great horror film.


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