The Purge

Ethan Hawke, Lena Heady, Max Burkholder, Adelaide Kane
Directed by James DeMonaco
Rating: F

All crime has become legal for one day of the year, and according to statistics has created peace in America. If you can afford security, you might just make it through the night.

A wealthy family becomes targeted by a group of purgers, who insist they release a homeless man or else suffer the consequences. Their uptight security-ensured home is at risk and the threat of the purgers presses on them the longer they wait. Inside the home, chaos is at hand while an unknown homeless man hides for his own safety.

The kids question the ethics of America’s annual purge, and the young son was responsible for helping the homeless take shelter in their home. He continues helping the man, despite the danger he poses to the family. The daughter, on the other hand, just wants to be left alone with her boyfriend that her father dislikes.

For a movie that has a good premise, it was hard to get through. The children were unbelievably annoying. For one, the son caused a whole lot of problems and the parents didn’t take any action to punish or blame him. Next, when the homeless man is loose in the house, the daughter decides she needs some alone time. How could parents let their kids go off on their own when they know for 12 hours anything could happen to harm them? By the end of the movie, it was no wonder the family got what was coming to them.

There was little suspense and the one jump scare that happened was predictable. The purgers who only want to kill a homeless man, but will break into a family’s home to get him, are pompous upper class men and women. They spend their time in the movie intimidating but when it comes down taking action, it was underwhelming. The Purge had a promising idea about a night of legal crime but the story was disappointing. The threat didn’t feel real enough and it was too easy to break into these people’s house.

The Purge was a huge waste of time with bad acting, poor story construction, and weak writing.


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