Sherlock Homes: A Game of Shadows

Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Jared Harris, Rachel McAdams
Directed by Guy Ritchie
Rating: B

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is proof that not all sequels turn out to be a disappointment.

Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law are back for round two as the famous pair Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. A Game of Shadows contains everything an audience could hope for: intrigue, action, humor, and great chemistry between the characters. While some parts of the film might feel dragged out, it is filled with enough action to keep audiences awake.

There is a big cause to celebrate in this sequel as Dr. Watson is getting married, but that doesn’t stop him from playing a part in this sequel as one of Professor Moriarty’s rivals. Moriarty plans to set bombs in different European countries, trying to disrupt peace between France and Germany. Holmes and Watson travel around France to find the mysterious Rene. He disappeared in the past year, getting deeply involved with a rebel group. Renee is the final pawn in Moriarty’s game which Holmes pursues to put a stop to.

A Game of Shadows is filmed similarly to the first Sherlock Holmes; there are examples such as the slow motion action sequence as Holmes unravels his fighting patterns in his head, and the close-up action scenes during fights. The cinematographer did an impressive job showing the off the countries Holmes and Watson travel to. The Sherlock Holmes films are not known for their bright, sunny locations. Most of the films have a dark, cloudy view as it sets the tone for murder mysteries.

Sherlock Holmes is one of Robert Downey Jr.’s better roles. While he may be easily recognized recently for his Iron Man franchise, Downey Jr. plays a believable role as the British detective Sherlock Holmes. Accompanied by Jude Law playing as his companion Doctor John Watson, the two undeniably have a charismatic on-screen friendship. A Game of Shadows thrives on that friendship because if the two main characters did not go well together, the film would not have done as well in theaters as it had before.

The film transports the audience into the scenes, capturing their attention so that it is hard to take their eyes off the screen. One of the best parts of the movie happens right at the last few seconds, which due to spoilers I cannot reveal. A Game of Shadows ends with a high note and a sneaky feeling that there is the possibility of a third Sherlock in store.


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