Minority Report

Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell, Max von Sydow
Directed by Steven Spielberg
Rating: A

In the future, murder is eliminated through a system of predicting the future. When the chief of precrime starts digging in a past case he discovers a flaw that puts him in danger.

Three humans are linked neurologically and kept under supervision at a police precinct. Their insight into premeditated and in-the-moment killings have stopped murders from occurring in Washington D.C. for the past six years. Police have been able to come on the scene and make arrests before homicides could take place. When the head of the precrime unit, John Anderton (Cruise), is accused of a future murder, he escapes from the precinct to prove his innocence.

John’s escape leads to a suspenseful chase of uncovering why he would be accused of killing a man he’s never met. As he gets closer to the truth, he unravels a huge secret that has been buried for years and it puts the use of precrime unit in jeopardy. John’s own past catches up to him as he faces the disappearance of his son and the sorrow that has driven him mad.

With Fox’s Minority Report series out this year, it’s interesting to compare it to the movie. The three human’s known as “pre-cog’s” have a more active role in the television show as that takes places years after precrime was eliminated. Daniel London returns as Wally the caretaker in the series, which was a fun nod to the movie. Other than that, the story line differs but they both have an interesting take on using the pre-cog’s to stop future crimes.

As for the movie, there’s so much action going on from the start that it’s easy to get invested in John’s character. He’s sympathetic as a man who’s world fell apart when his son was kidnapped and he joins the police force to prevent it from happening to other people. He has a bit of a drug problem which is never fully explained when the drugs don’t seem to have much of an effect. The panic he feels when he is on the run creates tension that doesn’t stop.

Minority Report is such an interesting story to watch. The idea of convicting someone of a crime they haven’t committed yet sets up how they may not actually do it. With John’s story, he realizes there’s more to it than the vision of him pulling the trigger. This movie is a nonstop thriller and a must watch for sci-fi fans.


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