The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 2

Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hucherson, Liam Hemsworth
Directed by Francis Lawrence
Rating: A

As an end to the Hunger Games series, Mockingjay Part 2 wraps up the story of rebellion, terror, and loss in a bittersweet finale.

The last time we saw Katniss, her best friend Peeta had attacked her and crushed her windpipe. President Snow had him tortured with tracker jacker poison to distort any good memories he had, and turned him into a weapon to kill Katniss. She struggles to accept this new Peeta, who becomes psychotic at the sight of her, threatening to kill her.

In an effort to take down the Capitol, Katniss leaves the safety of District 13 to kill President Snow. She is followed by a team of soldiers and camera crew, along with her best friend Gale. The leader of District 13, President Coin, sends in Peeta to be a part of the footage filmed despite his unpredictable nature around Katniss. In the Capitol, the rebels face blocks of the city which has been plotted with hazards, traps, and mutts. Every move they make has to be careful or else they could be killed or taken by peacekeepers.

So much of the Mockingjay story has been packed into two movies, that in this conclusion the ending is anticipated. Katniss has already lost so much, and seen so much terror, but she persists to take down Snow who symbolizes everything wrong with their government. She discovers a new threat to the world the rebellion is trying to build up as the war between districts and Capitol reach a climax.

Everyone depends on Katniss to eliminate Snow, but while she is off to kill the one person responsible for all the terror, President Coin is behind in District 13 leading soldiers and killing the masses of the Capitol. It’s not a promising start to a new world, and the victors of the previous hunger games have trouble accepting it.

With more fighting, traps, and drama in store, this final Hunger Games stands on its own as the one that ends the Capitol. It leaves the story with a satisfying feeling that all has ended, but there are unanswered questions only the author of the books could answer. Overall, it’s a great movie because it stays true to the story and kept audiences watching till the end.


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