Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes, Christoph Waltz, Andrew Scott, Léa Seydoux
Directed by Sam Mendes
Rating: B

Breaking the rules doesn’t make you a bad spy, just an untrustworthy one.

After exposing festival-goers to a mission gone out-of-hand in Mexico, 007 (Craig) is put on the backburner. MI6 and the Center of National Security are merging after the disastrous events of Skyfall, with the head of the CNS, C (Scott), doing all he can to eliminate the need of spies.

Meanwhile Bond is on the scent of a powerful organization called Spectre that has too many connections with the enemies of his past. Bond is on his own while MI6’s new leader, M (Fiennes), works on the damage control back in London and keeping Bond out of C’s crosshairs.

When a plot of a movie is all about gathering intelligence and using technology to replace the work a spy does, you may not expect a lot of action. While the main villain remains in the shadows for most of Spectre, Bond certainly keeps the action up with hijacks, explosions, and bullets flying everywhere. It’s got the main elements of a James Bond movie from beautiful women to luxury cars, manly man shooting each other and putting Bond in uncomfortable torture situations.

Just as the movie before it started digging in Bond’s past, Spectre continues to follow the threads left behind such as who raised Bond after his parents died? A person from Bond’s past makes an appearance and confesses they played a part in some of the painful moments in Bond’s life.

Newcomers Scott and Waltz are excellent in their roles. After watching his role as Moriarty on BBC’s Sherlock, it’s obvious he was the right choice as the head of the Center of National Security. Waltz has proved himself the capable bad guy and has a good command of portraying one.

It’s not too important if you can’t remember the previous three movies. While there is some pieces that have been picked up since SkyfallSpectre is just as fun to watch and has its intense moments. It wraps up the story in a satisfactory way, even though there’s rumors another James Bond will be out one day.


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