Back to the Future Part III

Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox, Thomas F. Wilson
Directed by Robert Zemeckis
Rating: A

Time traveling sure creates a lot of problems without getting involved in other people’s lives. At least, Marty can’t help it.

It’s the year 1885 and Doc (Lloyd) has five days left to live before being shot in the back by an outlaw called Tannen. 1985 wouldn’t be the same if Marty (Fox) didn’t try to bring his mad scientist friend home, so he goes farther back in time than he’s ever gone before. He’s gone western!

There’s an immediacy for Doc to fix the DeLorean (again) and figure out a way to get it to move at 88 mph so they can travel to their normal timeline. The only main distraction was leaving town before Doc gets shot until he meets woman by the name of Clara. Despite not believing in love at first sight, Doc knows he’s in trouble as soon as he claps eyes on Clara. The two become inseparable and he’s not so sure about going back home with Marty.

Marty, on the other hand, meets his ancestors and spends time in the west under the name of Clint Eastwood. He rises to many challenges, eager to prove he’s not a coward, but learns how it takes true courage to not fall into the trap when called one. After spending time in the past, future and past again, Marty has been through enough life lessons that have shaped him into a mature young man.

After all the exciting stories of time traveling in Back to the Future parts I and II, part III keeps the material fresh by going to the wild west. This time the romance is between Doc and another lady, while Marty’s own romantic interest is still sleeping on the porch he left her on in 1985. Put all together, this trilogy is an exciting, intense, and comedic story that does well in keeping the viewer’s interest intact. This is a trilogy worth taking note of. The writers know how to create a good cliffhanger and use suspense in a thrilling way.

Back to the Future is a classic trilogy for sure and not one anyone should ignore.


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