Back to the Future Part II

Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Thomas F. Wilson
Directed by Robert Zemeckis
Rating: A-

As a continuation from the first film, Marty and Doc head to the future to prevent a family disaster from happening.

The year is 2015. Cars fly, skateboards hover, and the fashion trend is inside-out clothing. There’s also flat screen tv’s, hydration microwaves, and video calling. Marty (Fox), however, is not allowed to explore the future because as Doc (Lloyd) says, one should never know too much about their own future. Yet when old man Biff (Wilson) overhears Doc and Marty talk about the DeLorean time machine, he steals it to make his past self a millionaire.

Marty and Doc’s return home to the proper year shows that a lot of chaos has been going on. It’s not the same present they left. Biff has taken control of the town, people are shooting at each other, and the house Marty left isn’t his own anymore. Marty and Doc can’t go back to the future because it would be a different future now that Biff has changed things, so it’s back to the past once again to the year 1955.

Time traveling movies can be a headache and for the most part, Back to the Future Part II is one of the most stressful movies made. When Marty goes back to 1955, he has to remember not to interfere with the first Marty who was already in 1955. This time he’s wiser as to how he could affect the future by interacting with others, like his parents. He keeps clear of them, but stopping Biff from changing the future is a lot harder when he goes to the same dance Marty went to the first time.

The second half of the movie repeats a lot of the events from the first Back to the Future, except this time we see it from a different point of view. It might be annoying to watch for people who dislike repetitive movies, but mainly it’s incredibly stressful. Every time Marty gets close to achieving his goal, something goes wrong. Knowing that if Marty fails, the future will be an unpleasant place for everyone.

Just when it seems all’s well that ends well, it’s not. The twist at the conclusion of the movie only leads to a promising Part III. Meanwhile, Part II keeps up the action, comedy, and science fiction like the first movie did. For those around in 1989 when Part II originally came out in theaters, 2015 must have felt like a long time from then. Little did people know we’d actually have flat screen tv’s, video calling, and that the Cubs won the World Series.

Back to the Future Part II is fun, but as a sequel the surprise and enjoyment isn’t as new like when watching the first movie. While there’s cool speculation as to what 2015 would be like, that’s only a small part of the movie. Going back to 1955 just feels like watching a summary of what happened in the first movie. Yet overall, Part II is still an exciting, thrilling sequel that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


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