Legally Blonde

Reese Witherspoon, Matthew Davis, Luke Wilson
Directed by Robert Luketic
Rating: A

Elle Woods has it all: the 4.0 GPA, presidency of her sorority, and the boyfriend who’s about to propose… or is he?

When Elle (Witherspoon) gets dumped on her big night, she takes the criticism that she’s not “serious” enough to get her California, preppy self, to Harvard law school to win back her sweetheart, Warner (Davis). She has the grades and score to get into Harvard, but it’s not just her ex-boyfriend who think she’s not law school material. Her peers judge her for her perky, pink appearance despite her ability to get into one of the toughest schools in America.

Legally Blonde is not just a light-hearted comedy. It’s a great inspiration for women to do better for themselves. Even though Elle went to Harvard to chase after a guy (not something you really want to teach women), she proved to her class of 2004 that she was smart. She buckled down and studied so she could do well and it got her to the top of her class as well as an internship with a law firm.

This was a fun comedy I didn’t expect to like. Elle is too preppy, but like everyone else in the movie I judged her because she was a sorority girl, blonde with perfect skin and teeth, and only cared about maintaining the perfect image of herself. Instead she showed that she has other things to care about (like proving someone’s innocence in a murder trial) and she tried to be friendly with everyone she met, even her ex-boyfriend’s new fiancee.

Yes, there’s an overwhelming amount of pink in this movie but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. So what if pink is a girly color. Elle Woods has proved that being a girl rocks and that with enough determination, you can go far in life. Legally Blonde deserves more credit for using humor and giving girls a positive role model in Elle.


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