While You Were Sleeping

Sandra Bullock, Bill Pullman, Peter Gallagher
Directed by John Turteltaub
Rating: A

Lucy collects train tokens for a job, lives with her cat, and has no parents. On Christmas day everything changes drastically when she saves a man from being hit by a train.

The man Lucy (Bullock) has dreamed about since he first started taking the train was harassed on Christmas day, and he pushed into the train tracks. Quick on her feet, Lucy jumps down after him and saves him from disaster. The fall has landed the man into a coma and Lucy follows him to the hospital where his overexcited family come to believe she is his fiancée.

Lucy doesn’t have the heart to tell them she is a stranger. The mystery man’s brother, Jack (Pullman), is suspicious that his brother wouldn’t have told the family about a fiancée, and questions Lucy. The two spend a week bonding and accidentally fall in love.

Sandra Bullock’s character, Lucy, is so adorable. She’s extremely talkative and all alone which make her sympathetic. Her mother died when she was young and her father recently passed away. When a new family adopts her because they believe she will be joining the family, she can’t help but enjoy the attention. It’s easy to see that despite believing in love at first sight, the man Lucy is meant to be with isn’t the one she drooled over every day. It’s someone who takes her by surprise, makes her laugh, and is a little jealous that everyone thinks she’s engaged to someone else.

While You Were Sleeping is not something any normal person could get away with. Most likely the family would call Lucy crazy after making them believe she is their son’s bride-to-be. In this movie, though, it works. Between the slapstick humor and family atmosphere Lucy receives, it’s a feel-good movie most rom-com’s these days could learn something from.

The movie might have aged a bit since it was out in 1995, but what makes it special is how characters can bond without the distraction of cell phones or laptops. If Lucy had the technology we had today, she could have investigated the coma man in five minutes by searching if he had a Facebook account, Instagram, or LinkedIn. In that search she would have been able to make up her mind if she liked him or not and then stopped visiting him at the hospital or meeting with his family. Without the use of technology, she could unravel the mystery about coma man through anecdotes by his family.

Overall, While You Were Sleeping was a fun romance with likable characters and an interesting plot.


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