Friends With Benefits

Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis
Directed by Will Gluck
Rating: B

Friends With Benefits is yet another predictable film on what happens when two friends decide to add benefits to their relationship. Dylan (Timberlake) gets a new job as an art editor at GQ magazine in New York, and Jamie (Kunis) is the one who got him that job. They become good friends, and as both had been recently dumped, are not looking for a relationship any time soon. Their friendship works out nice enough but after a while decide to boost their intimacy to a new level.

Though there’s more to it then a summary can give, Friends With Benefits was an entertaining movie for mature audiences. Though labeled as a romantic-comedy, this isn’t something guys should run away from. It was a humorous New York piece with a great soundtrack. Plus, the chemistry of the two actors was so steamy it was bound to make you wonder whether the two had been a previous item or not.

The lines were well written and the humor seemed natural, as if it really was two friends instead of two actors on the screen. What was also an interesting take on the movie was the role reversal. Timberlake played out the role of a sensitive partner, portraying this by the fact that he came from Los Angeles, which Kunis’ character teases him for. Kunis had more of the “tough it up” attitude which was to show she was a New York girl at heart. The intimate scenes were kind of funny as the two were critical of each other, and not afraid to let the other know what they’re doing wrong or what else to pay attention to.

Friends With Benefits is a modern movie dealing with modern issues. While in movies situations like that tend to end with a happy ending where the couple decides that they’re actually “in love” with each other, it’s not always like that in real life.

If you’re ever in a situation such as Dylan and Jamie, just remember that life isn’t a movie. There are no re-takes or perfectly scripted lines that will ensure a happy ending. Instead, go see Friends With Benefits because that’s as close to happy ending you’ll get with that than what would happen in “the real world.”


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