Fish Tank

Katie Jarvis, Michael Fassbender, Kierston Wareing
Directed by Andrea Arnold
Rating: B+

Fifteen-year-old Mia (Jarvis) lives her life independently. She comes off as an intimidating tough girl on the streets from a broken home in England. Her mother doesn’t do much to support the family and her younger sister is just a pain to be around. Connor (Fassbender), a new boyfriend in her mother’s life, is the only person to acknowledge Mia’s existence. Mia warms up to him while trying to play the maturity card, but doesn’t know when too far has reached its limit.

Fish Tank, released in 2009, has won many awards from the British Independent Film Awards in 2009 to the BAFTA awards in 2010. What makes this film so deserving of these awards not only takes excellent acting skills, but also the story which it revolves around. Fish Tank is not a predictable film. Instead, it keeps you interested because you don’t know what this messed up girl is going to do next. This film reflects the hardships some people have to face in every day scenarios of real life.

Michael Fassbender and Katie Jarvis did an amazing job in this film. They portrayed sketchy characters, ones who you wouldn’t particularly befriend, and it was hard to feel emotionally attached to them because of it. It was difficult to believe who was trustworthy and by their actions felt like they deserved what was coming to them. There was some shocking scenes and explicit content so Fish Tank may not be appropriate for some audiences. What was realistic about this film was that it doesn’t lead to your typical, romantic happy ending, because life isn’t always like that.

Fish Tank is one of those films worth giving a try but not if you’re looking for an escape from the real world. This film will take you through the trials of a fifteen-year-old street girl trying to get by life. Connor may not have been that ray of sunshine Mia was hoping for, but at least it was a tough lesson learned.


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