Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lily, Corey Stoll
Directed by Peyton Reed
Rating: B+

You’re probably going to feel bad about all of the ants you’ve squished, stomped, and flattened after you’re done with Ant-Man.

Following the Marvel universe where the Avengers just saved the world again, these superheroes remain on the back-burner while an ex-convict steals the spotlight. Scott Lang (Rudd) has been offered a second chance to turn his bad deeds into use for the greater good. A weaponized suit that can shrink the person wearing it could stop wars but in the wrong hands could be used against the good guys fighting it. The new president of a technological organization wants to create enough of these suits to supply an army. Lang must harness the power of the suit and stop him.

Just like every Marvel movie, there’s the right amount of comedy, action, and adventure. Scott Lang is a sympathetic character, who only wants to do right so he can be with his daughter again. His misguided ways land him in a jail cell, again, but the creator of the original shrinking suit, Dr. Pym (Doulgas), bails him out on the promise that Lang will help destroy the weaponized upgrade.

Since the Ant-Man isn’t an Avenger, but kind of a hero on the side, the movie didn’t rotate all around him. The story was built around the super suit and Dr. Pym’s determination to keep the suit away from greedy hands. Most of the Marvel movies seem to be about redemption, look at the end of the both Avengers movies or Thor. These characters are teaching us more about our potential to be good, while entertaining us with slapstick and sometimes witty humor.

Yet, Ant-Man is still deserving to have more screen time. He’s proven to be a good guy and now he’s learned how to use the suit and interact with ants, we’ll be seeing him soon in the third Captain America movie: Captain America: Civil War.


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