Hitman: Agent 47

Rupert Friend, Hannah Ware, Zachary Quinto
Directed by Aleksander Bach
Rating: B-

A genetically designed hitman makes for the perfect assassin. He’s too good at what he does, which is why the Agent program was shut down and the surviving hitmen went into hiding. Yet a company wants to bring back the Agents, and all they need is to find a girl who holds the key to re-creating the program.

Agent 47 (Friend) is one of those hitmen who successfully managed to remain alive, somehow. He tends to kill a lot of people in plain sight but his ability to calculate future moves helps him get away. He’s fast and unstoppable, until we meet another agent just as good, as they both race to find the girl with the answers. This girl, Katia (Ware), has plenty of questions herself but she manages to keep hidden throughout her life when she senses danger approaching. She is a mystery herself.

Apparently a lot of people didn’t like Hitman: Agent 47 which surprised me. It wasn’t my first choice to see at the movies but by the end, I found it to be just as entertaining as any action/thriller movie. It kept a fast pace and had lots of fighting. At face value, it wasn’t a deep movie to make you question genetically engineering humans to be faster, smarter, and stronger. It was just a fun movie.

Hitman: Agent 47 is based off a video game developed by IO Interactive for the Hitman series. A lot of the video game players were disappointed by the movie make for this game. I can see how the audience would be targeted to those video game players but the trailer looked entertaining to those who enjoy action and crime movies. I’ve never played the game so I had no expectations as to how the movie should be played out.

I rated this a B- because it had enough action and entertainment value to keep me interested in watching, but lacked in developing a deeper level to deserve a full B. There was potential to get into questioning the ethics of genetically engineering humans to become assassins or the basic ability to remove emotions like fear and pain. While many movies address the topic of altering a machine to feel human or vice versa, like Ex MachinaRoboCop, or Chappie, it is kind of refreshing to not go over the debate of how human genetics shouldn’t be altered because something always goes wrong.

It was nice to see a cast full of actors that I’m not too familiar with. You have some big names in it, like Rupert Friend (Pride & Prejudice, the TV show Homeland), Thomas Kretschmann (Avengers: Age of UltronStalingrad, the TV show The River), and Zachary Quinto (TV shows American Horror Story, Heroes). The talent was promising and believable as their characters.

Maybe the lack of big names didn’t draw many to the movies but Hitman: Agent 47 was just as good as any other quick-paced action movie. It felt in the same style as Haywire or Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. So if looking for something to watch this weekend, why not give Hitman: Agent 47 a try?


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