Evil Dead (2013)

Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, Jessica Lucas, Elizabeth Blackmore
Directed by Fede Alvarez
Rating: B+

There’s nothing like a good detox in an isolated cabin with your best friends. Oh, and releasing an evil spirit by opening a Book of the Dead, too.

David (Fernandez) hasn’t seen his sister or friends for a few years. In that time his mother passed away, his sister got hooked on to drugs and their friends have tried to give her an intervention after she O.D.’d. It failed the first time, so he agrees to meet up for a retreat, bringing his girlfriend along for support.

When they arrive at the cabin, it looks like it had been used by some squatters. There’s a foul smell reeking from underneath the floorboard where it is revealed there is a trap door. Under the door… dead cats hanging from the ceiling an a book that has been barb-wired shut. No one should touch the book, right? Wrong. Curious Eric (Pucci) cuts the wire and speaks aloud the curse which sends out a demon possessing the vulnerable, detoxing younger sister, Mia (Levy).

Evil Dead has a great plot. Four friends, in the woods, trying to help Mia cold turkey hard drugs. After she starts seeing things in the woods, leading up to her possession, no one believes her that the trees were whispering and the bushes were tugging on her. It’s a great setup for the crazy girl to tell the truth and only the viewers know she’s right. The demon that takes hold of her soul is vulgar and violent. This movie does not shy away from gore.

Before the end of the night is done, “possessed” Mia promises that each person will be dead before the end of the night. She has bonus powers that manipulate different friends minds into cutting themselves open, and has telekinetic powers that drag people around the room. David seeks a way to save his sister from losing her soul to the demon but it is a bloody fight along the way.

There is nothing but violence happening throughout the movie once Mia is possessed. It’s gruesome, it’s gross, but the effects are just incredible. Blood pores out of every surface in this movie and the non-stop action makes you wonder, what can happen next? This is why I think it deserves the B+ rating. After it ended, my thoughts were revolving around one word, “wow”. How could they fit so much violence in there without caring if it goes overboard? I initially didn’t like it, but after mulling it over, what won me was the plot and I was a little impressed with the shock factor of the gore.

Evil Dead is not a remake of the 80s The Evil Dead trilogy, like I thought it was going into watching it. The 2013 is a reboot, which makes more sense, while not trying to replace the old movies with fresher faces and better graphics. There are some nods to the original movie with similar occurrences happening to characters in the newer movie. I look forward to watching the classic The Evil Dead after seeing the style and gore Evil Dead has provided.


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