Shaun the Sheep Movie

Justin Fletcher, John Sparkes
Directed by Mark Burton, Richard Starzak
Rating: A

The farm life becomes all work and no play for Shaun the sheep. One uneventful day inspires Shaun to plan a day of fun after putting his farmer to sleep. Unfortunately for Shaun and the rest of the farm animals, the farmer finds himself alone in a big city after the caravan he’s been sleeping in rolls away. It’s up to the animals to find and bring him home to restore order to the farm.

Shaun the Sheep was a great family-friendly movie. For a movie without any real talking in it, I laughed and laughed throughout the whole thing. It was entertaining from start to finish and it’s length was short enough to keep kids watching. The storyline was thought-out and something for adults to enjoy.

This would be a great watch for anyone of any language. Since there was no recognizable speech (it’s all gibberish), it’s a movie you can watch with friends or family who don’t speak English. I have a lot of family who speak French and this would be a fun movie to watch because they could follow along with me.

What I really enjoyed about Shaun the Sheep was the emotions it invoked in me while watching it. I laughed, I almost teared up, and I left feeling like it was money well spent going to the movies. The sheep were cute and it was a creative way of making an animated movie. It’s all in claymation which is unique since a majority of animated films are made on the computer.

The lack of talking didn’t bother me either. There were three songs that played in the movie but between the characters, it was all in gibberish. During these moments I did feel as if some English would be nice but it wouldn’t have fit the movie. There were so many moments I found myself chuckling or straight-out laughing that it didn’t matter that no one said anything in English.

There are some moments that adults would get but children wouldn’t which make it funnier. Overall, I definitely recommend this to anyone who can sit through an animated kids movie.


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