Patrick Brice, Mark Duplass
Directed by Patrick Brice
Rating: C

A videographer is hired to capture a day in the life of Josef (Duplass), a man who was just diagnosed with a brain tumor and wants to create a video for his unborn son.

It sounds like a sweet idea until Aaron (Brice), the videographer, realizes Josef has been lying about everything he’s said on camera since the beginning. Josef comes off as an overbearing, friendly guy border-lining creepy. Aaron realizes he is in an uncomfortable situation but figures he’ll be done with the guy once he finishes his video for the day. Unfortunately, Josef thinks he’s made a new friend and he doesn’t want to let that friendship go. Josef’s sister even tells Aaron on the phone he needs to go home immediately when he tells her he’s stuck in a cabin with Josef.

Creep is an interesting movie because for 80-minutes it’s a cringe-worthy experience. Josef is a weirdo who constantly hints that he knows something is wrong with himself. Add that he is a liar and stalker and poor Aaron has no idea what is in store when he goes to record Josef’s day. There are many uneasy moments about Josef because he gets too personal with the camera. It makes you wonder why he would want his unborn child to watch any of it. Then you realize he’s just lonely with a mental problem and Aaron is another victim caught in a trap.

This is a hard movie to watch because of how worrisome the situation is that Aaron is being stalked. As Josef’s character unravels his true personality, the more disturbing his actions become. Creep is exactly how it sounds: creepy.


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