Jurassic World

Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard
Directed by Colin Trevorror
Rating: B

Jurassic World  is an action-packed adventure no one wants to miss on the big screen. It’s bigger and more dangerous with multiple nods to the movie that started it all: Jurassic Park (also as a novel  by Michael Crichton).

What happens when scientists mix the genes of various predators with that of a dinosaur? It equals a deadly concoction that results in an intelligent and deadly animal that has to be put down. This hybrid is kept in a restricted section of the Jurassic World theme park which attracts thousands of visitors per day. When it gets loose experts are called to secure the beast before it can cause damage to the park’s reputation. A trained Navy guy named Owen (Pratt) has been working with raptors in a closed environment, training them to see if they can be controlled. He’s known as the dinosaur expert and is relied on to save two kids who have went missing near the escaped dinosaur. Claire (Howard) is the irresponsible aunt who gave the missing kids passes to explore the park while she continued her work marketing the park to sponsors.

There was so much potential for this movie to be as amazing as most people claimed it to be. What brought Jurassic World down a notch was the cheesy writing that came out of the characters mouths. On the positive side, a new hybrid dinosaur met the goal to scare viewers just as the owner of the park wanted to scare his visitors. Its mix of genetics allowed it to be the “ultimate predator.” It can use camouflage and at one point outsmarted the park trainers to open up its cage. Nowhere is safe when it can track people down using their body heat to see where they hide.

The action is enough to keep viewers on their seats. When the newest dinosaur is loose on the island, everyone is constantly in panic mode. As the guests of the park become aware that their lives are in danger, chaos takes over as pterodactyls pick and peck at them. There are some suspenseful moments as events unfold, revealing some unexpected deaths. But this is still Jurassic World which caters to a large audience so it’s not a gory horror film.

While some of these characters could have been written better (obvious nerdy guy geeking out because he works at Jurassic Park/annoying kids who try to escape their babysitter in a crowded theme park), Chris Pratt’s character was cool. Since his role in the Marvel hit, Guardians of the Galaxy, Pratt has started to become a big name as a movie star. In Jurassic World, Pratt’s character had all of the right traits for a likable personality. He was smart, funny, and serious. He could train raptors, which were among the scariest dinosaurs from the first movie. He also showed viewers they’re not as scary when under control. Pratt gives the audience a character to root for.

At the end of the day, Jurassic World is what you would expect as one of the sequels to Jurassic Park. It’s got the “wow” factor of a scary, new dinosaur that attacks people at the park. If the characters personalities had been a little calmer (not as controlling, or annoying as they came off as) then it could have made this movie more enjoyable. Despite creating a hybrid dinosaur because the visitors at Jurassic World were getting bored of them, I think it’s safe to say people in our world still want more Jurassic Park movies.


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