Mad Max: Fury Road

Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult
Directed by George Miller
Rating: A

Mad Max: Fury Road is every bit of intense as the trailer makes it seem. It’s a non-stop action ride full of violence and car chasing.

We don’t know who Max (Hardy) is or where he came from, but we follow his capture to the Citadel. Max is forced to become a living “blood-bag” for half-naked soldiers painted in white and is chained to a car as they race to battle. Furiosa (Theron) has disobeyed her orders to take the war-rig (a large tank-like truck) to fill up at gasoline town and instead flees to her homeland.

Max is a man of few words but from what we learn about him, he is strong and knows how to handle a gun. Max unwillingly teams up with Furiosa to help her save the Citadel leader’s wives, who are treated as slaves to breed for him. There is no knowing what Max’s goals are but he does what he can for Furiosa when he realizes she is one of the good guys.

Fury Road is a cinematic experience you don’t want to wait until DVD for. Max’s world has become a desert so everything is bright orange and sandy. The group of enhanced war-machine-like-cars chase after Furiosa and Max and holds each moment in suspense. These cars have been altered so they can destroy each other with spikes and flames. The soldiers climb fearlessly on top of these fast-moving cars with guns and bombs. They have been taught by their leader that their sacrifice will bring them to an eternal life in Valhalla. Every now and then a soldier will cry “witness me!” as he makes his sacrifice by some deed to take Furiosa’s truck down.

As the cars race in the desert sand is flying everywhere and hard rock music is playing which pumps up the action and totally fits in this apocalyptic grungy world. To show how hardcore these soldiers are, they have a group of drummers following them. An solo guitarist is chained to the front of a truck with a stack of amps behind him. He joins in the fighting action later on which gives him purpose to the battle other than to make these guys look cool.

Not every moment is fueled with extreme moments. Fury Road relaxes its grip on action for a few quiet scenes to give audiences a chance to breathe and watch these characters interact with each other in a non-violent way. Max and Furiosa have some platonic chemistry as they bond over fighting to survive. By the end of a movie they share a look that says “I’ve got your back if you need it” after all they’ve been through.

Mad Max: Fury Road poses as a “dude” movie because of all the action, however, there is also a “girl power” feel to it. Max is kind of a bystander in this movie titled after him. He simply gets involved by accident when Furiosa leads a group of women to safety. Safety turns out to be another group of women who kick ass as they help Furiosa when the soldiers reach them again. Women are actually a big part of this movie and aren’t as helpless as it might seem in the beginning when we see the wives in hiding.

It’s two hours and feels like it drags on but Fury Road is not something you want to miss in theaters.

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