Pitch Perfect 2

Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Hailee Steinfeld, Elizabeth Banks
Directed by Elizabeth Banks
Rating: B+

It’s the same formula as the first movie but for this Pitch Perfect sequel it escapes the disappointment most movies ending in “2” are like.

When the Barden Bellas disgrace their school name in front of the president of the United States they must work together to find their harmony. They can do this by winning the world A cappella competition that occurs every four years. Their biggest competition is Das Sound Machine from Germany, who have taken over all of their performances after they were suspended by their school.

A majority of the Bellas are in their senior year of university and facing the inevitable question of what they will do with their life after college. Beca (Kendrick) is the most concerned, hiding from the group her internship with a record company. Chloe (Snow) lives and breathes her A cappella group, refusing to believe the real world is coming for her soon. The girls don’t face as much embarrassment for singing as they did in the first movie, but must come together to make their last performance a hit.

A new Bella is introduced, a legacy as she says, since her mother was a former Bella. She can sing, but lacks confidence when the spotlight is on her. Her story-line is a little cheesy as she is a bouncy, loud, freshman, but she makes her mark on the Bellas to help them outshine Das Sound Machine in the World competition.

Most of the humor was not politically correct but it makes one think about how minorities are portrayed. Women and Hispanics are targeted when Elizabeth Banks co-anchor makes remarks about women not needing a career after college because “they will get pregnant soon.” One of the Bellas picked up between Beca’s freshman and senior year is Flo, a Hispanic, who makes constant comments on the poor conditions of her home country where she suffered from diarrhea for several years and that faking your death is a common thing. Otherwise, it’s the same kind of humor from the first Pitch Perfect that attracts a majority of the audience.

Rumors of a 3rd Pitch Perfect is in talks but it won’t be the same if these girls have (almost) all graduated. Chances are if you enjoyed the first movie, you will be just as entertained by watching the sequel.


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