Kingsman: The Secret Service

Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Samuel L. Jackson, Sofia Boutella
Directed by Matthew Vaughn
Rating: B

A London street kid finds himself as a candidate for a spy agency called the Kingsman, who has a front as a tailor shop, when he calls in a favor to get himself out of an arrest for stealing a car.

Eggsy (Egerton) just wants to protect his mum from his step-dad who leads a group of lowlife thugs. After his dad died working with the Kingsman secret service, Eggsy was put on the wrong track in life. While he showed potential in school, his street skills only gave him a bad reputation. Harry Hart (Firth) who worked alongside Eggsy’s dad felt responsible for the lack of a proper father Eggsy had to live without. Hart offers him a place in a training program to narrow down the next secret agent. In a countryside manor, eight candidates go through rigorous, and a bit dangerous, tests to prove their worth.

Meanwhile Hart taps into his spy persona to see what the villain, Valentine (Jackson), is up to. Valentine creates a free sim card for cell phone users worldwide so they can access free internet and free calls. A minority of people ranging from billionaires to military influences are given a special chip for Valentine’s control.

Kingsman is not afraid to boast that it’s a spy movie. Almost every action scene is followed by the familiar spy fanfare like in James Bond which felt a little cheesy in the moment. There’s the cool gadgets from a hidden blade on the tip of  a pair of Oxfords, poison pen, and don’t forget the glasses which allow the user to access information and communicate with other agents.

There’s humor sprinkled in among the action. The cameras don’t shy around the violence and a good three minutes is shown of people going mad, terrorizing each other with whatever can be found at hand. Blood is spilled, which coincidentally, the villain has trouble viewing.

The movie feels geared towards a younger audience for its “R” rating but for those who like a spy film or Colin Firth, may still enjoy Kingsman.


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