Big Hero 6

big hero 6

Ryan Potter, Scott Adsit
Directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams
Rating: B

One of the movies out lately that I’d recommend watching is Big Hero 6. At first I was a little weary about seeing a kid movie but by the end I was glad to have spent the $9 theaters near me are charging. Disney knows how to do a movie right, and with Big Hero 6 you’re not just being entertained with explosions, humor, and justice, you’re also getting emotionally attached for the 1hr 45min of the movie.

Hiro is an intelligent thirteen-year-old orphan, living with his older brother and aunt in San Fransokyo. He’s already graduated high school and spends his time building robots to participate in the illegal robot fights throughout the city. Tadashi, his older brother, sees the great potential in his younger sibling and with a little encouragement, persuades him to apply to his university. To be accepted, Hiro must compete in a competition and outshine older students for the spot.

…Then an accident happens, leaving Hiro in the care of Baymax, a robotic caregiver. Baymax’s sole purpose is to aid an injured person until they are satisfied with their care. With the help of his friends and Baymax, Hiro sets out to seek justice for the “accident”.


We’re set to immediately like Hiro. He’s the underdog. He’s just becoming a teenager, he’s very bright for his age, and he’s an orphan who has almost lost everything. We follow Hiro’s movements throughout the movie hoping for this kid to feel better and he has to go on a journey to get there. Baymax, his robotic companion, is easily likeable. As a robot he is programmed to be a caregiver and Hiro teaches him how to be “cool”.

While watching the movie, Big Hero 6 felt similar to watching The Incredibles. Both movies deal with people using extraordinary powers and they take on a villain of equal skill. They both revolve around the “family” theme whereas the Incredibles family lean on each other, and Hiro depends on Baymax while seeking justice.

Lastly, another reason to see Big Hero 6? The animated short “Feast” is adorable and adds more bang to your buck. There’s a puppy involved and during the whole short you can’t help but “awwww” following this lovable dog around.

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