Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Ty Simpkins, Lin Shaye
Directed by James Wan
Rating: B

Since I’ve seen these out of order, I would recommend to first-time viewers to watch the sequel first. It would take away some of the shock factors like knowing how the movie will end, and just what happens to young Dalton. However the suspense throughout Insidious can still make your skin crawl.

Insidious is the story of a boy fallen into a coma-like state. Doctors can’t explain what it is and the mother, Renai Lambert (Byrne), notices a haunting in her home once they move Dalton (Simpkins) into his room on life-support. She can’t explain the ghosts she’s seen to her husband, who is skeptical and thinks she is under a lot of stress. He agrees to move into a new home, but even the ghosts still follow along.

Josh Lambert (Wilson) has passed on a forgotten trait to his son: astral projection. As a kid, Josh had been suffering from his travels into the Further (the place where his spiritual body went during projection and that which his son has entered). Elise (Shaye), an expert in dealing with the supernatural, had been called to help and in the present is called again to guide Josh in re-entering the Further to save his son.

I found Insidious to be a little less intense than the sequel. I expected to be scared out of my wits or to have another thriller like the second turned out to be. The supernatural elements portrayed in this film were chilling enough, but it lacked a storyline as interesting as the sequel. The trudge to the climax felt slow-paced.

One thing I loved about this movie is how it felt reminiscent to the style of older films. For example, the screeching of string instruments like in the shower scene of Psycho, and the ominous piano music where the heavier chords are struck during tense moments in the movie. Besides the spiritual beings and hauntings they do (opening doors, objects seeming to move by themselves) there are no extra effects to make it feel unbelievable.

Insidious is the type of horror movie I’d like to see made more often. I see trailers for scary movies that are superficial in their intent to scare. I want a good plot as well as suspense like the Insidious movies have. I have yet to delve into the horror genre mainly because if it’s too scary, I will be afraid to sleep in the dark but if anyone can recommend to me a good thriller like Insidious, please do.


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