Insidious: Chapter 2


Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Barbara Hershey, Steve Coulter
Directed by James Wan
Rating: A

In this horrifying sequel, the Lambert family cannot find any rest from the special gifts the husband and son have been born with.

The police are still investigating the death of Elise, a medium who was helping the Lamberts bring their son back from his coma in the first film. Their son has a special gift in which he can enter the spirit world and his father, Josh (Wilson), used this gift to bring back their son to the living side. In this sequel, the Lamberts take up residence in the old family home of Josh. As a young boy, an evil spirit was haunting Josh until his mother hired Elise to suppress his memory of how to join the spirit world. Now as they return with their gifts back, father and son are exposed to the evil attached to them in the house.

The character development and well-structured plot are what pull the viewer into the story. Insidious: Chapter 2 is more of a mystery with a side of horror than a usual terrorizing movie. While the evil spirits are scary to watch, it wasn’t on a level of never being able to sleep with the lights off. They had a purpose other than to scare you. Renai Lambert (Byrne) and her mother-in-law seek to stop the woman haunting Josh. They dig into the past to find the source of terror. When they visit an abandoned house they find the truth to some terrible murders that occurred. It sheds light on who is haunting Josh and a key to how they can save him. The sequel is well thought out with the connection it makes to events that occurred in the first Insidious. It takes a look at the past and uses that to bring these two movies full circle.

The use of suspense creates that anticipated tension the viewer hopes for while watching a scary movie. Look close enough and some scenes might make you jump from the unexpected. As the camera follows Renai looking for her baby, what’s that sitting calmly in the parlor to the right of the screen? The ghost of the evil woman. As Renai passes the ghost disappears and you have to wonder where she’s hiding now. There are a few scenes throughout the movie that use fog and lighting to set a mood for the spirit world. The movie has a dark tone, because what can be scarier than confronting what is there in the dark with you? The color red pops up around the movie: a stained glass window, a red door. It’s a pop of color when least expected.

Insidious: Chapter 2 is wonderfully scary.


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