Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton
Directed by José Padilha
Rating: B-

The world has become governed by an alternative robotic police force, all except for the United States of America. Omnicorp is a huge international company, responsible for providing said robots. Yet under the Dreyfuss act, America has refused to accept robots as a force to control their society.

Sellars (Keaton), president of Omnicorp, has come up with a loophole: make their robots have human qualities. They search for severely injured cops which is where they find Alex Murphy (Kinnaman). An explosion left him in a condition where he could never live a normal life again. His wife agrees to a procedure to turn him into an evolved being. Part-man, part-machine.

The effects in RoboCop that show what exactly Murphy turned into could not be possible without today’s CGI. When Dr. Norton (Oldman) reveals to Murphy what he looks like underneath the suit, it’s an eye sore that you can’t look away from. Incredible still is the scene showing how Dr. Norton’s technology has given amputees an almost normal life back. A musician who lost his hands can still pick up a guitar and play; given enough practice so that his emotions don’t get the better of him while playing.

Murphy has to learn how to accept the life given to him, working with the machine-half of his body and mind. Sellars wants a hero for society, but a puppet that he can control. Murphy is just company property and has to fight to get the vengeance deserved of the men who tried to kill him.

RoboCop is just another flashy movie with explosions and fighting. I can’t compare this updated version to the 1987 one because I haven’t seen it, but there’s less blood spilled and better graphics. Overall, RoboCop 2014 is a decent, action-packed film with enough interesting scenes to hold your attention to the end.


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