Michael Fassbender, Domhnall Gleeson, Maggie Gyllenhaal,
Directed by Lenny Abrahamson
Rating: B

Frank and his band are a little… odd.
A suicidal keyboardist opens up a spot for Jon (Gleeson), an aspiring musician, to join in. The band, Soronprfbs, takes a trip to a cabin in the woods on the east coast of Ireland. Here they spend the following year attempting to create the perfect sound before getting the okay to record from Frank (Fassbender).

During this time, Jon gets to know the band and see their strange sides. Frank, the lead singer, never takes off the giant papier-mâché head. He finds inspiration in the simplest of things and thinks up interesting activities like creating instruments. Clara is mentally unstable and has a huge crush on Frank. Don is the band’s manager and has enjoyed the company of mannequins.

He sees the potential Soronprfbs has to become famous and creates multiple social media accounts to blog about his experience in the woods. Over the year, the number of followers rise from about 60 to the thousands. Soronprfbs has started to get loyal followers and a name for themselves- but the only person who knows is Jon. Until he spills the beans when they’ve been invited to a huge show in Texas, the South by Southwest festival. Frank is excited that people love his sound but the rest of the band? They’ll follow Frank anywhere but the chance to be famous is not their goal.

“Frank” was an interesting movie to watch. With Fassbender’s character persistently keeping a huge head on during the movie, looking at it feels unnerving yet charming. Frank’s fixed expression makes it hard to think of him as a person. The way he acts is not what society would call “normal”. Yet when Jon brings the news that thousands of people have been watching Soronprfbs YouTube videos, Frank is excited to be accepted.

The movie was based on an article written by Jon Ronson and is worth reading after watching “Frank”. The story of Frank and his papier-mâché head is funny, odd, and the songs are catchy.


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