One Day

One-Day-David-Nicholls-July-15“A heart-aching journey” –Elle

Truer words have never been spoken. One Day is all about the friendship of Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew through the years. They had one night together the day of graduation and their personalities could not be any more opposite. As a young twenty-something, Emma is still discovering the world. She is passionate about world issues while life is a big party for him. However, even after a drunken night the two become the best of friends.

Each chapter takes place in the next year. From their early twenties to late thirties, Emma and Dexter’s friendship goes up and down. The two are the best of friends, but meanwhile Emma is fighting her feelings for Dexter as he constantly has flings with various women. Despite his vices, Emma is the one constant in Dexter’s rollercoaster high-life. We get to see Emma and Dexter grow up, which makes the book feel so relatable.

The book starts off with the day after their college graduation. Neither of them know what to do with their lives, which is scary. Their progression into the real world (from Emma’s perspective): not using your degree for a few years, going back to school, and facing multiple rejections for her novel are all so real. As someone who is steadily approaching graduation herself, I felt like I could relate to Emma’s anxiety about life after school. Seeing how long it takes for her to finally succeed in life is nerve-wracking, but there is hope because it just takes time for her to find a proper balance. Then there’s Dexter who spends his twenties care-free and somewhat successful.

No matter where you are in life, you should be able to relate to this book. Whether you follow Emma’s and Dexter’s path or not, there is still something to relate to: the wedding invitations from friends, reunions, friends having babies. From the unstable twenties to still figuring out what your life means in your thirties.

What makes this book so heart-breaking, as the magazine Elle blurbed about, is the journey of Emma and Dexter’s friendship. There’s the platonic love they have for each other that grows into true love, to have had kept in touch for years and years. Not only that but to see their own journey in life. There’s Emma’s struggle to find success and Dexter’s rapid decline from fame. As anyone who has surpassed the years of Emma and Dexter’s life or are going through those decades now, One Day is a remarkable story with hope that even if you aren’t where you want to be at a certain point, there is still time for you to get there.

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