That Awkward Moment

awkward moment

Zac Efron, Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Imogen Poots
Directed by Tom Gormican
Rating: B

Three guys make a pact to be single. No relationships, only hookups. Only, it’s harder to avoid the relationship when the right girl comes along.

Jason (Efron) is the ultimate playboy. He has hookups down to a science and even created a roster system. When one girl leaves, another girl joins the roster. When his friend Mikey (Jordan) announces his wife wants a divorce, Jason and Daniel (Teller) decide on the pact.

That Awkward Moment is essentially a guy movie. There’s guy jokes and the premise that these guys don’t want to date but just want to hook up appeal more to the male audience. But wait there’s more- they find the right girl and it changes them. The jerk turns into a good guy. Which makes it a girl movie. Or it can be both.

It’s easy to judge a movie on its trailer but sometimes going in to the theater with no expectations can change how you feel about it afterwards. It was very rated “R” with mature content but as a comedic romance movie it turned out okay. Efron has grown a lot since his High School Musical days and to see him in a role like this is refreshing.

The movie is about relationships between boyfriend/girlfriend and friends. They constantly change with time. These guys have known each other since college and haven’t been able to properly bond because significant others were in the way.


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