Director Monday: Steve McQueen

steve mcqueen

One of the most talked about directors of the year is Steve McQueen. The British director is most notably known for his film 12 Years a Slave which is up for nine nominations at this years Academy Awards. The film also won Best Picture in this year’s Golden Globes.

McQueen’s style of films ranges from experimental to social realism. They focus on real life issues from the war in Iraq (portrayed in Queen and Country) and the 1981 Irish hunger strike (Hunger). His films have a slow pace to them and he doesn’t shy away from human nature. For example, in his film Shame, a sex addict struggles with the unannounced arrival of his sister in New York. It portrays the struggle of a man who is tormented with this addiction that he can’t help.

Michael Fassbender has worked with McQueen in three of his latest films. Fassbender’s roles in these movies have shown how versatile his acting skills are.

12 Years a Slave has brought the director more attention lately. Based on the autobiography by Solomon Northup, it tells the story of a free black man who was kidnapped and sold into slavery for twelve long years before being released. The film shows the real struggle Northup faced and the unfair realities he had to live with. It’s frustrating for the viewer because never has one felt so helpless when watching a movie.

There are a few current projects McQueen is working on so his name will be brought up more this year. He is developing a drama for HBO and the BBC. The theme of the British drama revolves around lives of black Britons from 1968-2014.


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