Golden Globes 2014 Winners and Who Should Have Won

Comedy-duo Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted the Golden Globes for the second year running. The pair were an example of the ideal host. They knew how to make people laugh without being too offensive and most of their jokes weren’t cringe-worthy. Though they weren’t on the TV screen that much, the duo bring class back to hosting.
Now here are the winners of  the 2014 Golden Globes and my opinion of who should have won. (Some categories I don’t have an opinion because I didn’t know half of the nominees, therefore I couldn’t be really judge based on performances.)

Best Supporting Actress in a motion picture: Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle
Lawrence definitely deserved the award for her performance in American Hustle. Lawrence is such a versatile actress. If you have seen some of her movies I would hope you’d agree. She can go from survivalist Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games to emotionally unstable in Silver Linings Playbook. Her acting was impressive but…

In my opinion, Lupita Nyong’o should have won the award. Her first breakout performance in 12 Years a Slave will have anyone throwing awards at her. Her character, Patsey, had to endure assualts by an unstable slave owner and her performance was heartbreaking. I think winning a Golden Globe would have helped push her career further.

Best Supporting Actress in a TV show: Jacqueline Bisset, Dancing on the Edge

Best mini-series or TV movie: Behind the Candalabra

Best Actress in a mini-series or TV movie: Elizabeth Moss, Top of the Lake

Best Actor- TV Series Drama: Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad

Best TV Series- Drama: Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad was one of the most talked about television shows last year on my Facebook and Tumblr pages. Mostly because the series was ending. I have yet to see it, but now that it’s over it’ll be easier to watch on Netflix.

What should have won was Downton Abbey- Last season gave us a lot of feelings. Major characters died and the Crawley sisters had babies. This drama series is captivating and draws viewers into a different time. It’s easy to have favorite characters from the upstairs and downstairs class.

Best Original Score: Alex Ebert, All is Lost
Even though I didn’t see all the movies in this category, I’m a little biased. All the original scores sound good in the preview clips of the nominated films but Hans Zimmer, for 12 Years a Slave, should have won. Hans Zimmer’s music is hauntingly good and I get chills down my spine listening to it. He’s also done the score for some of my favorite movies, like Inception and The Dark Knight trilogy.

Best Original Song: “Ordinary Love” written by Bono, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

Best Supporting Actor in tv series, mini-series or movie: Jon Voigt, Ray Donovan

Best Actress in a motion picture: Amy Adams, American Hustle

Best actress in a TV series- Drama: Robin Wright, House of Cards
I have yet to see House of Cards but the Hollywood Foreign Press Association probably didn’t see Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black. She played six characters in the show, all clones. To get in the mood before jumping into character, Maslany created music playlists for each one. Her characters ranged from uptight suburban soccer mom to a crazy Russian clone, and even a super smart biology student.

Supporting Actor- motion picture: Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club

Best Screenplay: Spike Jonze, Her

Best Actor TV series, comedy, musical: Andy Samberg, Broolyn Nine-Nine
After being off the air for ten years Arrested Development should have won. The series made a great comeback by posting 15 new episodes all at once on Netflix earlier in 2013. While the season wasn’t as strong in humor as the previous ones, it still brought the cast together for a fun reunion.

Best Foreign Language film: The Great Beauty, Italy

Best Actor in a mini-series or TV show: Michael Douglas, Behind the Candelabra

Best Animated feature film:  Frozen

Best Actress in a TV series-comedy: Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation

Best Director: Alfonso Cuarón, Gravity

Best TV series comedy: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Again, I will be biased here but Modern Family should have won. It doesn’t fail to make me laugh and every episode is enjoyable.

Best Actor in a motion picture: Leonardo DiCaprio, The Wolf of Wallstreet
*Leo deserved it, he almost never wins anything.

Best motion picture, comedy or drama: American Hustle

Best Actress in a motion picture- Drama: Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine

Best Actor in a motion picture- Drama: Matthew McCounaghey, Dallas Buyers Club
Again, another movie I haven’t seen but I can’t imagine how McCounaghey’s performance was more stunning than Chiwetel Ejiofor’s in 12 Years a Slave.

Best Motion Picture- Drama: 12 Years a Slave

That’s it! I’m a little surprised by some of the winners but it won’t be long until the Academy Awards… March 2.


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