Male Star of the Week: Tom Hiddleston

One of Britain’s rising stars is good at playing the misunderstood villain but in real life is a sweetheart. Tom Hiddleston may be best known for his role as Loki in the Thor and Avengers movies. Now he is busy playing the lead role of Coriolanus at the London’s Donmar Warehouse. He also spends some of his time supporting UNICEF, a movement dedicated to improving the lives of women and children.

At 32, Hiddleston is slowly climbing up the film star ladder. He’s got to work with famous directors like Woody Allen and Steven Spielberg. He’s best friends with another British rising star, Benedict Cumberbatch, and has about 949,000 Twitter followers.

The star has had notable roles such as F. Scott Fitzgerald in “Midnight in Paris”, Henry V in “Hollow Crown”, and Captain Nicholls in “War Horse”. He drove a crowd of over 6,000 fans wild when he appeared as Loki at Comic Con 2013 to introduce footage from the new Thor movie.

Earlier in 2013, he took a trip to Guinea, West Africa to see UNICEF’s work. He was very touched by what he saw. In April, Hiddleston took up the challenge of living on £5 for five days. That means he spent £1 on food a day. He tweeted his daily meals and how much he spent. It showed how dedicated he was to raise awareness of world starvation.

Look out for him next in the Muppets new movie and The Pirate Fairy where he will be playing Captain Hook. Maybe even another Thor movie…


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