Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

lara croft tomb raider

Angelina Jolie, Iain Glen, Noah Tyler, Daniel Craig
Directed by Simon West
Rating: C

Lady Lara Croft (Jolie) is not a lady at all, but an adventuress. In her inherited mansion she dedicates a room towards practicing her tomb raiding skills.  Her father, deceased, left her clues to find half of an artifact. In one week the planets of the solar system will align. Its an event that occurs every 5,000 years. This is Lara’s only chance to find the two halves of the talisman that allows a person to control time.

This talisman is also wanted by the secret society of the Illuminati, who direct Manfred Powell (Glen) to steal it for them. Powell hires Alex West (Craig), a tomb raider, to lead his team to the hidden pieces. In a race against time, Croft and Powell go head to head in an adventure to collect the two halves.

“Tomb Raider” is action packed from the opening scene. There isn’t much to the movie because it mainly contains Lara Croft in a tight t-shirt and shorts running around shooting guns. She’s clearly not someone to mess with when she beats Powell to the tomb in Kathmandu and cleverly captures the first half of the talisman.

The movies caters to teenage boys and young men as it revolves around the Tomb Raider video games. Lara Croft’s most dominant feature are her huge breasts that in future games are reduced in size. In fairness, women can enjoy the film too as Croft does portray a strong heroine. For example, I remember seeing the movie when it came out in theaters with my mom and sister. When the movie ended my sister and I left the theater pretending to fight and karate kick each other, envisioning ourselves as Lara Croft.

As a whole, the movie has a decent plot and is entertaining throughout. What it lacks is rounding out characters, besides giving the audience a little bit of background. It’s a fast-paced movie but at the end it leaves the viewer thinking, “That’s it?”


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