The Rise of the Independent Films

Independent films have been slowly gaining popularity throughout the past few years. Robert Redford has seen to it that independent films won’t die out anytime soon.

The Sundance Film Festival is an example. This festival showcases various independent films inPark City,Utahevery year in January. Despite being independent films, many of the films have famous actors playing in them. For example, last year’s “Our Idiot Brother” may have been directed by a not-quite-known director Jesse Peretz but the cast included well-known names.

Many of these independent films get “limited release” in theaters but rarely move on to wide-release. Independent theaters like Landmark Theatres showcase “Indie” films but they’re hard to find. Many theaters that solely show “Indie’s” are scarce and many people have to wait forDVD release to finally see one.

Europe is also famous for its independent films. Director Steve McQueen is famous for his independent films that focus on thought-provoking issues. Though his career is only just starting, McQueen has received praise for his works “Hunger” which dealt with the Northern Irish prison strike and “Shame” which follows a young, male New Yorker dealing with his sexual addiction.

Independent films are not to be confused with low-budget types of movies. Independent films is a professional film made outside major production companies. Many are recognized for their artsy style and content but it doesn’t always have to be as such.

Support the independent films of today.


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