Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova
Directed by John Carney
Rating: A-

Once is not a true story, but it takes real life and molds the heartache most people go through and makes it something beautiful. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova aren’t named in this movie besides “guy” and “girl” but these two are what make the movie worth watching. Hansard is a singer/songwriter, playing guitar on the streets of Dublin while also working with his dad at a vacuum repair shop. Irglova is entranced by Glen’s music and is happy to find out he can fix her broken vacuum cleaner.

While the two get to know each other, Irglova mentions she learned to play the piano from her father. When the two enter a music shop, the real chemistry grows between them when they play and sing one of Hansard’s songs. She isn’t looking for a relationship, as she’s raising a little two-year-old girl with her mother, and he is troubled between his new feelings for Irglova and going back to an old girlfriend he loved.

What I loved about Once is the music you hear all throughout the movie. You hear a few songs repeatedly but they find a way to stay in your head and refuse to leave. From the lyrics to the melody, these songs are in their own way romantic. That’s one word to describe this movie. Once makes you want to hear more from these two and you can. Hansard and Irglova went on tour together for a little while, forming the band “The Swell Season”.

I highly recommend this movie to everyone to watch this movie. The first time around is a little bit slow, mainly because you’re trying to figure out if there’s any plot and what kind of movie it is. After you get to listen to the songs in the movie, the second time you watch it is better because you’re familiar with the songs and it means more to you than the first time. Once doesn’t have a plot besides a musician who misses a woman who left him, but it does leave you with a morose, yet satisfied feeling at the end.


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