Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Dwayne Johnson, Josh Hutcherson, Vanessa Hudgens, Michael Cain, Luis Guzman
Directed by Brad Peyton
Rating: B

Having to pick up your life and start it somewhere new is never easy. Sean (Hutcherson) has a new step-father he would rather not take the time to know and a mission to accomplish. Sean is looking for a new journey and when he hears an encrypted message play over the radio waves, only his step-dad, Hank (Johnson), can help him out. The message is from Sean’s grandfather who has disappeared for years and Hank agrees to let Sean go find him if he can come along. Reluctantly, he agrees and the two embark on a mission in addition with a pilot and his daughter to a mysterious island where things are not as they appear.

“Journey 2” brings new adventures and a mysterious island that is on the brink of going under water. I think this sequel pulled it off well and kept the excitement alive of watching the main characters find an uncharted island. While the characters may have some cheesy lines, like Hutcherson trying to impress the pilot’s daughter and Johnson making his pecks ‘dance’, the movie has a decent plot to keep it interesting.

It might be necessary to watch “Journey to the Center of the Earth” before watching the sequel because there are a few moments that make you wonder what you missed. Sean repeatedly mentions how the men in his family don’t stick around and it’s been a while since I last saw the first movie. I can’t remember what happened to the father and it’s mentioned that the grandfather has always been searching for an adventure rather than being there for his family.

This sequel brings along new scenery, new animals (large animals are small and small animals are large!), and a volcano that erupts gold. The characters are put in danger and take to flying bees to reach their destination. “Journey 2” is not just a movie for children, but for those who are fans of classic literature like “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” or “Gulliver’s Travels”. This film brings a different kind of thrill that you can’t get from repeated plots such as the over-done vampire movies or action films. I would recommend giving this movie a try if you can handle some cheesy lines and enjoy lost continents (think Atlantis!).


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